"A Detailed record of tuning a Featherbed Norton ES2 500cc single motorcycle.Technical information specifications and hints."

Phase 1 Objective:- 

To develop a good looking Featherbed ES2 cafe racer, with better than standard performance while still reliable and low maintenance. This Phase is complete and Phase 2 is under way.

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ES2Mallory.gif (686375 bytes) ES2 hi res2.jpg (850665 bytes) CNV00027.JPG (953169 bytes) ES2Mallory2.gif (711785 bytes)  

The idea had been formed for many years. Take the mothballed F750 Classic racer that I campaigned in the mid 1980's - a Featherbed Commando - and insert a single cylinder ES2 engine.

 Simple. .

Standard ES2

Whilst this is my Model 19, a 600cc single, few people can tell them apart from the ES2 and Model 50. Follow this link for the difference!

Model19rhs.jpg (241960 bytes)

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